Beautiful New Construction

Premier Home Improvements has the knowledge and technology to build something beautiful for you.  We offer computer designed layouts customized for you.  We’ll build an entire home for you or construct an addition or garage for your existing home.   Call about your home building wants.  We’ll get back to you in a timely manner.

Expert Electrical Work

With over two decades of experience in home remodeling, we can offer expert electrical services such as new wiring, additional outlets or lighting, or any other electrical need.  Ther’s no need to make contracts with multiple companies when you hire Premier Home Improvements.

Competent Plumbing

If your new construction requires plumbing services, that’s all the more reason to call us.  We can do the plumbing work as we construct your home or addition, without hiring an outside contractor.  This eliminates delay as one contractor is not dependent on another contractor to complete their phase of construction.